June–gardens still running amuck

Living roof on little library–only a few blocks from the house but somehow never noticed it before

The bounty continues in Seattle–although in some places it is starting to fail. I mostly walk the same routes with the dog–have for years–but sometimes it’s like I’m seeing parts of the walk for the first time. Maybe senility is just setting in, but it does make the walk more interesting!

Oh dear, this is why I don’t grow peonies–even though I know it doesn’t happen to all of them. Nevertheless.


I’d never have thought to put yellow barberry by red–but I like it. Some might disagree with letting the plants mix and mingle, but I like that too–today at least.

Playing with texture–Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’ with ornamental onion (Allium cristophii?) and ornamental oregano.



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