Crowd-sourcing good pollinator plants

lobelia tupa, salvia indigo spires

Hello all! I am crowd-sourcing great pollinator plants since good localized lists are hard to come by. If you’ve got something to contribute, here’s what you should include in your comment:

1) Name of plant–botanical names are best since common names can vary from place to place. Include the cultivar if you have it!

2) Where you saw it–Seattle? Walla Walla? London?

3) Commentary–“it was full of all kinds of insects” or “loads of bumble bees” or even “there was a whole bunch of one thing but I have no idea what.”

4) If you want to include any other useful plant notes (flops, needs cutting back, gets way wider than it says it will) those are great too!

Here’s an example from me:

Salvia ‘Indigo Spires,’ Seattle. Hummingbirds love this plants and I’ve seen lots of bumble bees and honey bees on it. Technically, it’s perennial around here but they often die on me over the winter but I forgive them and often replant because they bloom for a LONG time, well into fall and I like to watch the hummers and bees visiting. They also are somewhat flopsy. Not for everyone.

FYI The Lobelia tupa in the photo is also a great hummingbird plant.


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