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October – Amazing bugs

Andrena barbilabris, U, Labrum, MD, Howard County_2013-08-16-17.59.43 ZS

Andrena barbilabris is just a common little bee that likes heaths and sandy areas and seems to be fond of making nests in compacted footpaths in the UK. Isn’t it adorable? Just like the ewoks in Star Wars.


October – picking flowers for pollinators

Zinnia lilliput

We often read about plants that are good for butterflies or bees or hummingbirds. We know, for example, that hummingbirds like red, trumpet-shaped flowers, and butterflies seem to be fond of members of the Asteraceae (daisy) family but how do…


October – shocking bees?

flower electic field

Insects are astonishing creatures, in both a fascinating and creepy way. Consider something as simple as metamorphosis – caterpillar to butterfly, or maggot to fly – have you ever really thought about the truly magical re-organization that goes on to…


October – Pruning No-No

branch insert

Pruning at its best is both art and science but even if we can’t achieve the art everyone should strive for a minimum of harming the plant as little as possible and that means you don’t leave stubs. They are…