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November–Salvia, still goin’

This salvia (looks like a Salvia greggii cv to me or it could be S. microphylla or a cross between the two) is the woodiest old S. greggii (or one of its close kin) that I’ve ever seen. I took…


November – Seattle Surprises

After 25 years of living in Seattle, the city still gives me these moments of surprise and small delights. I was walking down a random street the other day, having just gotten new lenses for my glasses, and I ran…


November – Amaranth or love-lies-bleeding


My daughter has been taxed with analyzing a book chock full of metaphors for school and they really piss her off so I’m sure she’d find a plant called love-lies-bleeding worthy of an eye roll whereas most people find it…


November – Nice stone walls

wall at Meridian Park

As a former geologist I’m a little bit in love with the winding stone walls at the entry to Meridian Park (on 50th and Wallingford home of the Good Shepherd Center and Seattle TIlth). These walls make me strangely happy.


November – Arbutus unedo, Strawberry tree

arbutus unedo

I’m not sure I approve of Arbutus unedo’s habit of having flowers and fruit simultaneously. I like plants that give showy flowers and fruit (not that Arbutus flowers are near the top of the list when it come to showy…


November – The joys of leaf mold

A confession – I am a crummy compost maker. This is embarrassing to admit because real gardeners make their own compost. Do you know how much time I’d have to spend sorting acceptable compost material from unacceptable if I made…