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May – Parahebe of Unusual Size (P.O.U.S.)

Remember that scene in the movie the Princess Bride where they talk of R.O.U.S’s? Rodents of Unusual Size? (See here.) Well, this parahebe is so big that is what it made me thing of. Look at this thing. Wow. Mine…


May – Ornamental edible awards for May

I’m growing more edibles this year. I put in some raised planters out in the hell strip, my sunniest spot, and am endeavoring to make it beautiful and tasty – with mixed success. Some of the individual plants look great…


May – plant pairings – limit the color palette

Sometimes simple is best when creating plant pairings. This hellstrip focuses on purple, white and silver and looks lovely right now. It’s going to require moderate amounts of maintenance. A fair chunk of the plants are evergreen so it won’t…


May – variegated daphnes to choose from

Everybody plants a variegated daphne near their front door and they’re not wrong since daphne has one of the most reliably delicious scents to be found. Daphnes do, on occasion, up and die just because you looked at them wrong…


May – self sowers – are they good or evil?

I like self-sowers- mostly. First, my definition of a self-sower: a plant that you buy that makes a significant amount of progeny through no effort of your own. Boy, it’s already sounding good. And those progeny survive to flower. Herb…


PLANT UPDATE – June, pine candles

Pine candles AFTER candling stage

Sorry for falling off the face of the blog world – I was out of the country. Some posts of fabulous gardens in Stresa, Italy coming within a few days. In the meantime, a quick update – pine candles in…