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March – Akebia (species unknown)

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of these Akebia flowers. I should note that Akebia quinata (this is clearly Akebia but may be a different species) is a rampant deciduous vine and by rampant I mean running amuck and eating small…


March – Crazy Loropetalum

Well, I thought I was done with this blog but I keep seeing plants that are interesting and taking pictures of them when I’m out so I’ll keep posting – even if only erratically. I saw this crazy Loropetalum a…


March – Wallingford Native Bee Watch

bombus occidentalis

Honey bees, those Euro imports, get all the press. At a local nursery there were 9 books on honeybees and one on native pollinators – although there is only one species of honeybee and four thousand (give or take) North…


March – Too late to cut back those epimediums

Too late to cut back this epimedium!

Epimediums are also known as  barrenwort, bishop’s hat – or my personal favorite – horny goat weed. Regardless of what you call them, epimediums are excellent plants for dry shade, or even shade with some water. They have heart-shaped leaves…


PLANT UPDATE – March – Crocosmia

dormant crocosmia

Spiky leaves and flowers in luscious shades of tangerine, amber and firecracker red in late summer make crocosmias a desirable garden plant BUT you must clean them up. They are perennials a few of which seem to conveniently melt into…


March – Plant sale season beginith

cyclamen coum

Beginith – a word one occasionally hears but sure it is strange to look at. Nevertheless, I will leave it. This Friday (3/7 from 9 to 3) at the Center for Urban Horticulture (map) is the NW Horticultural Society‘s spring…