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February – Winter aconites

Oh, those crazy Ranunculaceae – clematis, buttercups, delphinium, nigella, hellebores, aconitum, meadow rue, columbine – all in the same family. You could build the whole herbaceous part of a garden out of members of the family Ranunculaceae and have a…


PLANT UPDATE – February, Stipa gigantea

In August I wrote about Stipa gigantea in the post, “Large ornamental grasses, to have or not to have?” The flowerheads glow in the afternoon sun but the leaves regardless of the time of year, aren’t beauteous. Here in February…


February – tree woes, take off those ties

Inadvertent tree girdling is a surprisingly common phenomenon. Something gets tied around a tree and left there. The tree grows but the string tried around it, doesn’t. It seems like the tree would break the string like some superhero breaking…