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December-Plants for wintertime cheer

I’ve said it before and I notice it every winter–the value of yellow in a gloomy climate can’t be overstated. I went through some of my December and January photos to find examples of the wintertime cheer a nice yellow…


December – aster lateriflorus


Autumn into winter – the season of death. In early autumn, with the leaves turning, we may be less likely to notice some of the less beautiful death throes happening in our garden but now, with the leaves all off,…


December – Viburnum rhytidophyllum gets the sulks

Viburnum rhytidifolium

Some plant genera are so diverse that you scratch your head wondering how they put them together. (Okay, originally they put them together based largely on floral parts and other obvious physical characteristics, enabling one to “key” out a plant.…


February – Cotoneaster lacteus

I went past this Cotoneaster in December and it looked like somewhat had decorated it for Christmas. I went back a month or so later and although the birds had clearly been at the berries, it still was a bright,…


December – Sorbus hupehensis, Chinese ash

My expectations for public plantings are generally low so it is always a pleasure to go take a stroll around the Seattle Center. Interesting plantings in public spaces are not impossible. The Seattle Center which has a diverse collection of…


December – Alluring seed catalogs

I received the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog the other day. It’s the first time I’ve received this particular catalog and it made me realize how few catalogs I get nowadays. I miss them. Seed and plant catalogs are positively…