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June – Pollinator Watch Update

My neighbor has a purple-flowered hebe (or several since it takes up about 6-7′ x 3-4′ of space). Regretfully, I don’t know which cultivar of hebe this one is. Of the plants right around my yard, this is the big…


JUNE – California bees

I’ve been down in California at a bee seminar in the Carmel Valley. 7:30 in the morning until 9 or so at night – bees, bees, bees. I caught, pinned, identified (or more often, mis-identified) bees by going through a…


March – Wallingford Native Bee Watch

bombus occidentalis

Honey bees, those Euro imports, get all the press. At a local nursery there were 9 books on honeybees and one on native pollinators – although there is only one species of honeybee and four thousand (give or take) North…