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August – Mt. Rainier in riotous bloom

My son is almost 14 and I’ve never taken him to Mt Rainier. It’s the dogs’ fault – not the same dog but one dog after another over the years. Every time I’d contemplate going I’d look at whatever hound…


August – PLANT UPDATE – Mahonia x media

Mahonia is a winter into spring plant with its cheery yellow blooms on a sculptural (also pointy and pokey) evergreen plant. What happens in summer? Well, the pointy and pokey continue but instead of blooms there are some fairly showy…


August – late season color and texture

late summer planting

At times in my life I’ve been good at keeping notes about plants I grow and occasionally I’m really greatful for my diligence because I instantly recognized the airy grass billowing so beautifully and pinkly in the above picture but…


August – Handsome Deck Fence/Storage option

innovative deck fencing

Oh, I do like this idea. Doors under the deck to hide its dark, ugly underbelly – and all of the ladders, wheelbarrows and buckets that are typically stored there. I’m always on the lookout for fences that are functional…


August – beautiful planting that will burst out of its beds

apartment planting

An institutional planting that almost does everything right. Someone chose a varied plant palette for this apartment/condo complex on 24th NW in Ballard. Banana (Musa sp), Hydrangea aspera, purple-leaved elderberry (Sambucus), weeping blue Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica glauca ‘Pendula’) and…